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We appraise personal property,  fine and decorative arts, antiques, jewelry, silver, and any other valuables for insurance donations, estate purposes, IRS contributions and equable distribution. All appraisals are rendered at a flat rate exclusive of any consideration for intended usage and exclusive of any vested interest.  Our appraisals are USPAP-compliant and meet all IRS and insurance standards.

Guidance regarding appraisal requirements for non cash charitable contributions as specified by the IRS can be found at the Appraiser's Association website.  

We support our appraisal and curatorial activities through a scholarly network of art specialists working independently and at institutions worldwide. Colleagues belong to professional organizations such as: Appraisers Association of America, Inc., American Society of Appraisers, American Institute of Appraisers, American Institute of Conservators, International Society of Appraisers, and Association of Professional Art Advisors.

Fine Art Services is a private art advisory company headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. The company offers acquisitions assistance, curatorial services, appraisals, IRS charitable donation documentation and art research through a national syndicate of fine art specialists, personal property specialists, and an on-line computer network. Computer services range from cataloguing to inventorying collections. 

Fine Art Services provides personal property appraisals of fine and related decorative arts for insurance, charitable donations, estates, and dissolution of marriage.  We specialize in paintings, sculpture, original prints and works on paper, vintage and contemporary photographs, antiques, 19th and 20th century fine arts and crafts. We rely on our consortium of specialists in fields such as nonwestern ethnic art (African, native American, Australian, South American,  pre-Columbian, Chinese and Asian art and artifacts), Oriental rugs, antique furnishings, silver, or decorative arts 19th century.  If you have any special art requirements we can refer you to a specialist in that category. 

Our full service practice encompasses initial consultation, complete inventories, formal appraisal documents, and final asset conversion through the appropriate public auction sale placement whether it be a live sale in New York, our online auctions, or at the local auction level. We offer a unique, personalized approach to the estate settlement process.